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     Our 2023 Board of Directors - lovingly called the Board of Trouble Makers - is comprised of both newer club members & long time Parrot Heads. We hope to always have a lively mix of folks serving to keep things interesting!
    Pictured are left to right : Michael McBride, Diane Bailey, Kris Nordstrom McBride, Marie Underdown, Jerri Bernhardt & front row, Bill & Christina Rathbun.

     Board elections are for two year calendar terms. In October of 2023,  nominations will be presented for the positions of President, Activities Director, and Communications Directors. In October of 2024,nominations will be presented for the positions of Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer & Membership Director. This even year/odd year changing of the guard means there will always be experienced members on the board and the entire board will not transition off at the same time.
   The current Board is eager to have other club members join the Board for 2024 to add fresh perspectives and new ideas. 

     We devoted 2021 & 2022 to "Bring Back The Magic" after the struggles of a world wide pandemic that raged for 2+ years. In 2023 we are enjoying the success of those efforts as our members participate in gatherings, community service activities and work on committees with us. We are all having a blast! 
      Let us know what's on your mind ! You Matter! 

Nominations for 

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