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We'd love to have you join the 5 O'Clock Phlock!

Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly Phlockings to check us out. See our  Club Calendar on this website or our Face Book Page.
However, you must be a member or an invited guest to attend our House Parties/House Concerts. Additionally, you must be a member in good standing to attend the annual national Parrot Head Gathering known as Meeting of the Minds (in Gulf Shores, Alabama for 2023) or to purchase designated club tickets to Jimmy Buffet performances.  

What does it cost to join?

  • $25 for an Individual Membership

  • $40 for a Couple (must share same home address)

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Membership entitles you to:

  • All club communications

  • Club meetings and events

  • Eligibility to attend Meeting of the Minds held annually 

  • Membership badge

  • When and if Buffett comes to town, you will have the opportunity to buy "club seats" which are designated for Parrot Head Clubs only.

  • Meet others who share "Buffett-esque" attitudes

  • Participation in community service and charitable events

  • Fun and much more!

Join Us or Renew Your Membership

Complete the Online Registration below and pay via PayPal.
- Preferred, and much faster
- No mailing or check required
- It is automatically sent to the membership coordinator.


- OR -

Fill out the membership application (print & mail to us).

Click here for a printable membership form  

Mail the completed application along with your dues:

5 O'Clock Phlock Parrot Head Club ​

P.O. Box 1066

Conroe, TX 77305

For questions or information, please feel free to email:

PLEASE NOTE: Membership fees/dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes per PHIP bylaws. 

 The Obligatory Fine Print

Each member of the 5 O’Clock Phlock PHC is responsible for his or her own actions and behavior whether negative or positive.  Membership in the club does not give the member permission to use Jimmy Buffett’s name, song titles, lyrics, names of businesses or other trademarked, copyrighted or reserved material owned by Jimmy Buffett; nor can any member use the logo of the 5 O’Clock Phlock PHC or Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc.


The 5 O’Clock Phlock PHC supports a designated driver program.

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