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We Joined the World & Raised A Glass at 
5 O'Clock - Sept 2, 2023
  Fins to The Sky Jimmy - Godspeed
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The Serendipity of the timing - The Friday before Labor Day - is not lost on us. But now there is no Labor Day Weekend Show...and Come will never be the same.
But we will follow the navigational beacons & carry on.
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Jimmy, on Living Your Best Life & Giving Back .... “When you’ve had a couple of close calls — an airplane crash, a stage dive — you think you’re probably living on borrowed time. So I kind of do choose to live like it’s my last day. You never know. At 73, you’re losing a lot of friends, and it’s a constant progression towards … y’know, what’s there. Everybody goes at some point,” he cryptically told Rolling Stone in 2020. Now we know, he was already in the fight with this cancer at the time of this interview. "I wish I could say that some secret plan for world domination was devised years ago, but I don't have a clue as to why, when or how all this happened. I'm not going to dissect it," Buffett told PEOPLE in 1994. "It'd ruin all the fun of being in the middle of it." During his lifetime, the king of the Parrotheads was most proud of his role as dad. “I was always raised with "noblesse oblige" — to give back if you’re lucky enough — thanks to my parents,” the “Margaritaville” singer told Billboard in 2021. “I was taught not to hate in the segregated South. And I was taught to give back, and I’m trying to teach my children the same thing.” "To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected" - He lived that, and challenged us to do the same. CARRY ON PARROTHEADS!

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